KBA COMMANDER (10 webs / 2 folders) - Marseille France
LA PROVENCE in Marseille France, placed an order for 10 Technocleaners washing unit on their triple width 1890 mm KBA Commander 9 cylinders satellite units. The Technocleaner will be fully integrated with EAE in the press controls.
GOSS UNILINER/NOHAB (10 webs / 2 folders) - Nancy France
The Technocleaners have been installed to replace the old brush systems from Rotoclean. The Rotoclean systems have been removed immediately at the installation for many cost saving reasons. The system is integrated in the EAE press controls.
MANROLAND COLORMAN (12 webs / 2 folders) - Amsterdam Holland
Technocleaner units have been installed in replacement of brush systems from Oxydry which have been removed after installation. Global cleaning of the press, productivity/quality improvement, new maintenance/cleaning procedures, higher blanket lifetime.
KBA CORTINA (6 webs / 4 folders) - Amsterdam Holland
The Technocleaners have been installed in substitution of the existing cloth systems. The Technocleaners are able to clean during the production at any speed for a productivity improvement, paper waste and consumable saving, global cleaning.
WIFAG EV 471 (8 webs / 4 folders) - Lille France
The Technocleaners have been installed in substitution of the existing cloth systems. ROSSEL purpose was to clean inking rollers and web leads automatically with better maintenance and cleaning procedures. The system is integrated in the wifag platform+.
KBA COMMANDER CL (12 webs / 2 folders) - Rennes France
Technocleaners were installed with the two KBA COMMANDER CL lines instead of cloth/brush systems.The first french daily newspaper (700 000 c/ day) decided to go with the advantages of the techniweb global cleaning. KBA integrated.
KBA COMMANDER CL (2 webs / 1 folder) - Potsdam Germany
PRESSEDRUCK POTSDAM has been the first german newspaper to believe in the techniweb process on their new KBA instead of a cloth system. It has been a success for more than 3 years of fully automatic production. KBA integrated.
KBA CORTINA (10 webs triple width 1890 mm/ 2 folders) - Paris France
L'IMPRIMERIE has the world biggest Cortina line in regards of pagination. They print LE FIGARO, LE MONDE, and many other french newspapers. Technocleaner was the way to bring the printing costs down, improve quality and productivity. KBA integrated.
WIFAG EV 471 (3 webs / 1 folder) - Minden Germany
Technocleaners have been installed on the new Wifag instead of a cloth system to provide an "All in one wash" global cleaning together with open access to the printing unit, minimum maintenance and manning. Wifag plateform+ press controls integrated.
MANROLAND REGIOMAN (3 webs / 1 folder) - Zundert Holland
5 years that Wim Vorsselmans and his top efficient printers team started their partnership with techniweb. 0 euro spent in service and spare parts during these years of full production, printing 1.5 millions newspapers a week. Great. Standalone version.
WIFAG OF 370 GTD (10 webs / 2 folders) - Morlaix France
Technocleaner has been "Le Télégramme" 's choice for automatic cleaning of blankets, inking rollers and web leads. An evidence to reconsider the procedures/methods of the printing and maintenance crews. ABB press controls fully integrated.
GOSS UNILINER (8 webs / 2 folders) - Reims France
L'UNION (Rossel) is a long time techniweb partner and leader in innovation. The top efficient plant includes techniweb's water treatment, filtration, dust cleaning, and Technocleaner together with QIPC color/dampening close loop control. EAE integrated.
MANROLAND COLORMAN (6 webs / 3 folders) - Clermont-Ferrand France
Installed for automatic cleaning of blankets , impression cylinders, inking rollers and web leads. It has been a great way to improve productivity and quality, secure production and optimize maintenance/cleaning procedures. Press controls integrated.
MANROLAND REGIOMAN (16 webs / 4 folders) - Paris France
POP is one of the biggest newspaper french print center from Riccobono group. Technocleaners are being used for years for productivity and quality benefits together with no heavy maintenance and consumable costs. Pecom integrated.
WIFAG OF 370 GTD (16 webs / 4 folders) - Kolkata India
With a production of approx. 2 millions copies a day, ABP installed Technocleaners with the presses to optimize productivity, printing quality, together with a simple process to handle for operators and technicians. Wifag press controls integrated.
MANROLAND REGIOMAN (13 webs / 2 folders) - Gallargues France
Part of Riccobono group, MIDI PRINT prints LE FIGARO and many different french titles. Decision for Technocleaner was made for productivity and production improvement after the POP installation. Pecom integrated.
MANROLAND REGIOMAN PRESS LINES (4 webs / 1 folder) - Kolkata India / (7 webs / 2 folders) - Pune India
The Technocleaner is succesfully running in Kolkata for years. Global cleaning and productivity/production optimization was the key of TOI decision with low maintenance level and neutrality on press. Pecom integrated. It is now also installed in Pune on a
MANROLAND GEOMAN (9 webs / 3 folders) - Nice France
The three GEOMAN lines have been equipped with Technocleaners in order to provide a global cleaning and optimize maintenance/cleaning procedures. One main system is able to clean the 3 lines with one washing unit per web. Pecom integrated
WIFAG OF 370 GTD (10 webs / 2 folders) - Montpellier France
LE MIDI LIBRE was the first daily newspaper to trust techniweb and make a revolution in their cleaning/maintenance methods. They were the first to remove about 100 oxydry systems to replace with 1 Technocleaner/web. Global cleaning. ABB integrated.
GOSS MAINSTREAM (8 webs / 2 folders) - Toulouse France
The group who owns MIDI LIBRE installed techniweb systems to clean automatically blankets and inking rollers on their Mainstream press. It was the fourth Mainstream press to be equipped after the 3 ones from IPS. Very neutral process for sleeve blanket.
KBA COMET (2 heatset webs / 1 folder) - Perth Australia
Like HANNANPRINT, PMP and FRANKLIN, WAN uses Technocleaner for short washes during flying splice in substitution of a cloth/brush system. Paper waste reduction, lower consumable cost, higher productivity and better printing quality. EAE integrated.
GOSS UNIVERSAL 70 (8 webs / 2 folders) - Marseille France
MOP uses the Technocleaner for a global washing. It is useful for this application of many short run jobs with different sizes. A way to secure production and optimize press performance with no maintenance on the system. Goss integrated.
MANROLAND CROMOMAN (8 webs / 1 folder) - Auxerre France
Part of Centre France (La Montagne), the press prints daily/weekly newspapers and many commercial jobs for the group. Technocleaner provides a global washing for better productivity and quality with open access to the printing unit. Stand alone version.
DGM (7 webs / 1 folder) - Lannion France
OUEST FRANCE owned, the plant prints most of the numerous weekly newspapers of the group. Big paginations, short runs, the Technocleaner global wash is a way to make this possible with a high quality and optimum manning. Open access to printing unit.
MANROLAND CROMOMAN (10 webs / 2 folders) - Agen France
A lot of weekly/daily coldset/heatset jobs on this press. Installed for years, Technocleaner is a way to provide a global wash together with no intrusion in the single width/single round printing unit. No heavy maintenance required. Stand alone version.
GOSS COMMUNITY (6 webs / 1 folder) - Angoulême France
Technocleaner provides a global cleaning on this printing line with very limited printing unit access, together with a very low level of maintenance. Stand alone version. The easiest and most versatile choice for such a press configuration.
MANROLAND UNISET (4 webs / 2 folders) - Chaumont France
Part of a commercial printing group, Rotochampagne focuses on printing quality and production efficiency. Optimum manning capacity, high productivity with many short run jobs, make the Technocleaner very useful and profitable.
GOSS UNILINER/VISA (10 webs / 2 folders) - Tours France
techniweb partner for many years, La Nouvelle République made his choice for Technocleaner in order to provide a real global cleaning with minimum maintenance on a press which is the combination of satellite and blanket/blanket technologies.
DGM - TENSOR (9 webs / 1 folder) - Hazebroucq France
Part of Rossel group like La Voix du Nord and l'Union de Reims, La Presse Flamande installed Technocleaners with their new DGM and TENSOR presses in order to produce weekly newspapers in the best printing conditions.
GOSS COMMUNITY (3 webs coldset-heatset / 1 folder) - Papeete TAHITI
Technocleaners have been installed on a very recent Goss Community heatset/coldset press configuration. The system is able to wash on coldset and heatset webs with a dedicated washing program. Interfaced with press controls and dryer.
GOSS UNIVERSAL 45 (7 webs / 2 folders) - Orléans France
One of the last Goss Universal 45 still running in France with Technocleaners after the several installations made in HEBDOPRINT and IPS plants in the past. More than 60 Goss Universal 45 and 50 towers have been equipped with technocleaners.
KBA C101 1 heatset web - Baarle Nassau The Netherlands
Em De Jong has been able to increase productivity and reduce paperwaste on this heatset press. Another satisfactory installation of Technocleaners on an heatset commercial press.
Druckzentrum Hamm has installed Technocleaners on their KBA Colora two webs newspaper press. The system is fully integrated with the EAE press controls for a fully automatic process. Blankets, inking and dampening rollers, web leads are cleaned by the s
The Technocleaners have been integrated in the Pecom manroland press controls.